Protect Everything That Matters

Keeping their family and valuables safe is anyone?s number one priority. One way to ensure that is by taking the right insurance policies. Insuring your family?s health and assets, like a house or car, is imperative. However, getting insurance coverage can become overwhelming if you don?t know what to do. Even one mistake can burn a hole in your pocket. But, it doesn?t have to be that way. Auto Driver enables you to compare insurance quotes and access the information you need to make the process easier.

What We Offer

Auto Driver has been providing auto insurance for almost a decade. We offer many coverage options, right from collision and comprehensive to rental and more. Get a free quote and learn about the policies that best fit your car?s needs.


It doesn?t matter whether you own a house or rent one, you need to protect it along with your valuables. Auto Driver offers many coverage options that protect you from property damages. It covers you financially from the damages caused by natural calamities, fire, theft, etc.


Valuable possessions like your home and automobile deserve great protection. Protect with AutoDriver and you?ll get discounts on your auto policy for including home or condo insurance.


An umbrella insurance policy extends liability coverage of 1 million dollars over and above the limits of your homeowners or auto policy. In general its provisions cover your spouse and any persons living under your care and support.Law suits resulting from negligence or accident can threaten your home, retirement and your future.


Why Choose Us

We believe saving money on insurance policies should be simple. That is the reason we offer choose between different insurance plans and quotes to suit your need and pocket. We are here to help you select correct insurance plan.

  • Buy any insurance policy online in a matter of minutes.

  • We offer the best prices - with no extra fees.

  • We design policies that are unique to your needs.

  • Choose customised policies to insure various aspects of your life.

  • Save money when you buy a policy and maximise your savings.

  • Choose a coverage plan of your choice and get its quote instantly. No more waiting!

Understanding Insurance Quotes

Choose at least 3 companies to get one that works best for you. SAVE MORE by instantly matching with up to 20 insurers in your area.

4 Smart Ways to Choose Online Insurance Quotes

Never buy the first insurance policy that you come across. Shop around and find the best rate by getting free insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies.
Always compare identical amounts of coverage when you request online quotes. If the limits or deductibles differ, you won't get a real comparison.
Don?t just look at the price tag of the policy. Read the reviews given by the other policyholders and check the company?s financial security. This will give you the confidence that the insurer can pay out your claims when needed.
Complete all the necessary forms once you choose the policy that fits your needs. Make sure you check whether the policy starts immediately or on a future date.

Think you need to be an expert to get a great deal on your insurance premiums? No, you don?t because you have us in your corner. Regardless of which insurance policy you want or the stage of life you are in, Auto Driver has your back. We will help you understand how insurance works to protect you, your family, and your assets.